This "Zero Waste Mens Gift Set" is the perfect gift for Fathers Day.  Available with or without a personalised label.

Each kit includes a bar of body soap, a solid shampoo bar, a reuseable razor with additional blades, a wooden beard comb and a bottle of beard oil.
The soap is a vegetable based soap and is made with pure essential oils.
The Shampoo bar is also a vegetable based product with essential oils.
The Beard oil  is in a glass bottle and is made using jojoba oil, grapeseed oil with essential oils of lime, peppermint & tea tree.
The comb is made from wood, and will last years. When you finally do need to dispose of it, the comb can be burned in a log burner or composted.
The razor comes with 5 extra blades  has a standard fit for the razor blades that are widely available.
All the packaging used is compostable. This gift set is Suitable for Vegans.

zero waste mens gift set