This "Zero Waste Bathroom Starter Gift Set" is the perfect gift for yourself or for anyone else who wants to reduce their impact on our precious earth.

Each kit includes a bar of body soap, a solid shampoo bar,  a bamboo soap baggy, a loofah, a sisal back scrub, 2 x bamboo toothbrushes and 100 x wooden cottonbuds.
The soap is a vegetable glycerine based soap and is made with pure essential oil of coconut & lime.
The Shampoo bar is also a vegetable based product with essential oil of Jasmine & Argan oil.
The cottonbuds are made with wooden sticks not the usual plastic and so are totally compostable when they are finished.
The soap bag is super soft, made from bamboo and helps to get up a good lather when washing. Again it is compostable and is fastened with a wooden bead.
The loofah is natural and compostable as is the sisal back scrubber which has wooden handles.
The bamboo toothbrushes do have synthetic bristles so when you need to change your toothbrush, simply pull out the bristles with pliers (these can be recycled) and the handle can be burned on a log burner or put on the compost heap.

All the packaging used is compostable. This gift set is Suitable for Vegans.
Available with personalised label.

Zero Waste Bathroom Set