LoofCo washing up scraper is made from 100% biodegradable coconut husk. A great plastic free alternative for keeping your pots & pans clean. Ideal for removing baked on food from pans & baking trays without scratching.

This washing up scraper fits neatly & easily in the hand & will last for months. When worn out simply pop into the compost bin.

HOW TO USE : Soak baked on food in warm water & washing up liquid for a while to soften. Use the scraper to lift off food residue. The blade like edge at the front & the fibrous coir fibres underneath act like a scrubbing brush. After use, rinse & hang up to dry using the loop. When the bristle like edgestarts to fray, simply trim with scissors back to a solid adge for months more use.

Natural washing up scraper